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Off Grid Sustainable Living

Wild Sol Farm is growing into a small scale, sustainable,

culinary and medicinal mushroom and herb farm.

The farm is in its chrysalis phase as we plan and learn from our trials. 

The farm is completely off grid.

We rely on the sun for electricity, the rain for our water and wood for our heat in the winter.

There are times we need to supplement with our generator when the sun doesn't shine

and haul water when it doesn't rain. 

This life teaches us to be very in touch with our needs and consumption.

We have all of the conveniences of modern living but we must work

within the rhythms of nature to use them.  

The Vision

We believe in working with the natural cycles of nature to dwell in harmony with the land.

We believe in feeding the soil and contributing to the overall health of the life that grows.

We believe in order to be good stewards of the earth we must give back more than we take.

Our goal is to grow nutrient dense foods that nourish our bodies and live a life with a smaller footprint. 


We will be offering:

-Mushrooms and herbs for culinary and medicinal use

-Culinary salts and seasonings

-Herbal extractions, oxymels, teas, salves, Fire Cider and more

-Free range chicken eggs

-Laying hens

-Seasonal produce

-Spring and fall plant starts

-Worm castings

-Workshops on a variety of off grid, foraging and farming projects

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