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From the Farm

Where to Find Us

Looking for Wild Sol Farm goods? You can find our Fire Cider at Body Balance Yoga and Fitness in Williamsburg, VA.

Send us a message if you want more information about our products. 


Farm Fresh

$5 per dozen
Find them at Hampton Roads Winery

Our eggs are available unwashed, which means that they can remain on your countertop, unrefrigerated for more than 2 weeks,
imagining you haven't eaten them all by that time.
When a chicken lays and egg, there is a "bloom" or coating around the eggs that prevents bacteria from penetrating the shell.
Once you wash the eggs they need to be refrigerated. 


Culinary and Medicinal Herbs

Wild Sol Farm aims to grow and forage the herbs we use in our herbal products in a sustainable way. We will be offering fresh and dried culinary and medicinal herbs in rhythm with the seasons.

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