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Trista Haycraft


Christopher Squires


About Us

Chris and Trista met in 2020 right before the COVID pandemic struck. As they quarantined together, they quickly realized that their visions for living, loving and the future were in alignment. When they went looking to find the place that could shelter these ideals they found a falling apart off grid situation just begging for an evolution.

Chris and Trista share many passions that align with each other. They both are educated as massage therapists and bodyworkers. Chris has been a decades long martial artist while Trista is a yoga instructor. Chris has wanted to farm since his youth and Trista had plans to farm before she had children. Life just sometimes has a way of walking one on a wandering path.




Looking Forward

The plan is to create a culinary and medicinal mushroom and herb farm. We will employ sustainable, regenerative and permaculture practices in every stage of growth. We plan to stay off grid which presents it's own challenges. It hasn't been easy but it has been a joy. And we look forward to the journey...

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